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Our first interface is assessing and reviewing the existing
benefit arrangements of a company by focussing on the
following areas:
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Healthcare Benefits need to fit the needs of organisations and their employees. Our independent and well researched solutions will ensure that the most cost effective and most appropriate and integrated healthcare solutions are in place that will not only fit the needs, but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Health Benefits strongly factor into an employee’s decision of where to work. Member experience is key to a successful benefit strategy – happy people create a healthy workplace. The Wellth-AI team puts “the client first” and over and above ensuring the most appropriate benefit solutions suited to unique needs, we use technology to create a member experience to be proud of.

Healthcare offering:

  • Extend Affordable Cover to all Employees: Primary Care
  • Support for Mental Wellness: EAP
  • Voluntary Supplementary Cover: Gap Cover
  • Customised Wellness Programme by using AI and smart technology
  • Payroll/Administration & Member Support

Improving the wellness of members and employees can only be achieved if members are engaged effectively on an ongoing basis and if they are educated, motivated and rewarded for positive behaviour. Wellth-AI understands this dynamic environment and facilitate effective programmes ensuring that desired outcomes are achieved for the member, client and healthcare provider.

Workplace stress, burn-out and unhealthy lifestyle have a direct impact on healthcare costs and claiming patterns, productivity levels, absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turn-over. An abundance of research suggests that well-planned wellness programmes that connects with the individual member will generate return on investments made.  Bringing physical and mental wellbeing practices into the lives of members will provide a myriad of benefits for members, companies and funders alike.  We craft customized wellness solutions, with the input of our clients, to ensure that the objectives of the programme are aligned with the objectives of the company. Our ongoing involvement, smart reporting and reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning will secure significant returns on investments made.

Financial wellness is a personal experience, and everyone has a different view and are at different stages of their lives.  We assist employees to set goals and these goals need to be constantly re-aligned with changes as we move through different life stages.

Research has shown that the expert assistance of a wealth manager providing objective advice and making decisions based on facts, as opposed to emotions, may render better outcomes for individuals over the longer term.

Financial wellness means feeling fully empowered to make financial decisions and feeling like you have control over your financial destiny.

For us it means more than just ensuring that employees have the ability to effectively manage their financial matters, and should mean that people have the tools or solutions, and confidence, to ensure that they are as financially secure as they can be for their current and future life stages.

The main areas where Wellth-AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning are:

  1. The systematic automation of the administrative and transactional tasks of the HR departments, thus enhancing the performance, scope and scale of the HR function of our clients; and
  2. The improvement of individual wellbeing of employees by providing   our clients return on investment in respect of
    • Attracting best staff
    • Retention of best staff
    • Increased productivity and performance levels
    • Decreased absenteeism and presenteeism
    • Increased levels of engagement with employees
  1. To assist healthcare funders to control and reduce the increasing cost of care for their risk pools by using a digital smartphone application and artificial intelligence. We use healthcare data to provide insights into very specific claims groups like, oncology, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression to design suitable wellness interventions based on predictive analysis. Through the extensive use of behaviour-based API’s and proprietary technology we craft intervention protocols with our clients that seek to move from reactive chemical care (medicine etc) to proactive wellness care (prevention, behaviour change, early detection). There is a global shift in healthcare and this trend leads to profound cost saving results.
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